Monthly Archive:: March 2008

Merk 401k PSDS Scan

General Electric 401k PSDS Scan

Chevron Texaco 401k Plan PSDS Scan

Google 401k plan PSDS scan 1/31 & 6/30 2008

The same 15 funds were scanned with 6/30/2008 data. Notethe large bear market changes in the last six months. The next 401k plan posted will be for Chevron Texaco.


Portfolio stochastic design scans are posted here for 401k plans of major companies like Google. The funds available are taken from the Web. These currently are VMMXX, VBISX, VBMFX, VWINX, VWELX, CAAPX, FLPSX, TASCX, VFINX, VQNPX, VIMSX,