Monthly Archive:: July 2008

Weyerhaeuser 401k PSDS Scan 6/30/2008

The six funds in the scan were, VFINX, VEXMX, VTINX, VBMFX, VGSTX, VWINX This was the lowest PSR to date, a conservativelow cost portfolio.

Verizon 401k Plan Scan 6/30/2008

The funds in the scan were PRRIX, PTTRX, FDIVX, FRESX, FMAGX, CFIMX,EFA, SPY, RSP, IWN, IWW, IVV The ETF funds are proxies for unspecified generic funds that I could not identify.

Abbott Labs 401k PSDS Scan 6/30/2008

The 11 funds in the scan were, RGAFX, RICFX, RWMFX, PGIYX, VIIIX,PVYYX, VIEIX, RERFX, POVYX, DODBX, PGEYX and the fund data were dated 6/30/2008.

United Technologies 401k PSDS Scan 6/30/2008

The earlier Scan used 5/31/2008 fund data. A new scanusing June data was posted because the data changeswere larger than normal. The 18 Funds in the scan were VFINX, FCNTX, FGRIX, VIGIX, PGOYX, PNOYX,VIVAX, FLPSX, IWS, TASVX,

Bear Market Performance YTD 6/30/2008

Five year design scans were used to create my IRA portfolio. So how am I doing in this 2008 Bear market so far? Well I amdown 5.79% and the T.Rowe Price 2010 fund is down 6.48% as