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Home Depot 401k (Futurebuilder) Scan 7/31/2008

The Home Depot Futurebuilder plan’s investmentswere heavily in their stock and lost heavily in2007. This is one reason I do not include companystock in 401k plan scans, it is too risky in my opinion. The funds in

Medtronic 401k (SIP) Plan Scan 7/31/2008

The Medtronic Savings & Investment Plan fundsin the scan were, VFINX, VPMCX, VWELX, VWNAX, VWIGX,VEXPX, VEXMX, VBMFX, VWUSX, VTINX and as with the Qualcomm scan 5yrdata for VTINX were computed fromthe 7 funds in VTINX.

ExxonMobile Fuels 401k (MSP) Scan 7/31/2008

The ExxonMobile Fuels 401k (Marketing Savings Plan) isonly one of the 11-K filings by ExxonMobile. The fundsin the scan were, VFSTX, BBALX, BEIAX, BSCAX, EFA, BBPAX One of the Northern Trust funds in the planNOINX does not

Moody’s 401k (PPP) PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

The funds in the scan were, FBIDX, PTTRX, LZEMX, MLAAX, RWR,GCMAX, FFFAX, FFFFX, FLPSX, FEQIX,FMCSX, FDIVX, FSEMX, EFA The ETF funds were proxies for aDWS real estate fund and FSIVX thatdo not yet have 5yr data.

Portfolio Design Scan Visitor Map 2008

In case you are interested this a theworld map of site visitors in the lastsix months, 8/29/2008

Hanover Insurance Group 401k Scan 7/31/2008

The funds in the scan were FEQIX, FUSEX, PTRRX, FDIVX, ARTMX,FLPSX, AGTHX, FFFDX, FSLCX, FSIIX,VIMSX, VBTIX, FFFAX, VSMAX The two Vanguard Funds in the plan VSISX andVBTSX are Signal funds with less than 5yr data.The same funds

Dell 401k Plan PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

The funds in the scan were, NYVTX, AGHTX, FRBSX, FRSGX, AEPGX,ABNDX, FREEX, RISIX, TEDMX, VMMXX VMMXX was a proxy for a stable value optionEach fund comprises 5% or more of net assets

Qualcomm 401k PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

The Funds in the scan were, AVFIX, RERFX, FOCPX, PTTRX, VIIIX, RWIFX,FCNTX, VEXRX, VMCIX, VTINX, VWNAX, VMMXX I computed 5yr data for VTINX using the 7underlying Vanguard funds to make the scan.

Lowes 401k PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

The funds in the scan were, TWADX, TWCUX, AEPGX, ANEFX, FEQIX, FRBSX,PGOVX, RPMGX, VINIX, VSCGX, VASGX, VSMGX,VISVX The Summer 2008 Morningstar Advisor has an article thatargues Kurtosis is better than STD for measuring “fattail” risk. The Balanced

Colgate Palmolive 401k PSDS Scan 6/30/2008

There were 8 Funds in the scan. DCPFX was a proxy forthe core plus fixed income fund not clearly identified.