Monthly Archive:: September 2008

Procter & Gamble 401k (ESP) Scan 8/31/2008

The 5 funds in the scan were OAKBX, RYLPX, PTTRX, FDIVX, WFSPX Most of the plan is invested in companystock, PG.

Gillette 401k (ESP) PSDS Scan 8/31/2008

Fund correlations with scan portfolios PSRThe 13 Registered Investment Company fundsin the scan were, AWSHX, PMGIX, FDIVX, FEMKX, FGRIX,FDGRX, FMAGX, FSHBX, FBIDX, RYLPX,VINIX, VITSX, FUSEX In addition to these investments the planowns over $1B of Procter &

Oracle 401k (SIP) PSDS Scan 8/31/2008

The 21 funds in the scan were ARTIX, ARTVX, DODFX, FBALX, FCNTX,FDEQX, FFFAX, FFFCX, FGRIX, FDGRX,FLPSX, FWWFX, HWLIX, LZEMX, PTTRX,JMIVX, FSIVX, IWN , VBTIX, VINIX,VEXMX The ETF fund is a proxy for IUSIXwhich does not yet have

Dell 401k Plan PSDS Scan 8/31/2008

Fund correlations with scan portfolio PSRs The funds in the scan were taken from the latest Dell 11 K filing which aredifferent than the first scan posted. NBGNX, DODBX, DODGX, AEPGX, PTTRX,INDQX, IWS, AGTHX The ETF fund

DuPont 401k (RSP) PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

Fund correlations with scan portfolio PSRs. Thefunds number is taken from the fund list below. The DuPont Retirement Savings Plan scan funds were 1.CSITX, 2.CHTVX, 3.FEQIX, 4.FFIDX, 5.FMAGX,6.FBSAX, 7.FCGAX, 8.FSGAX, 9.JAENX, 10.JAMRX,11.MAGGX, 12.MAIVX, 13.MACPX, 14.MABAX, 15.MAFGX,16.MFRBX, 17.MSFRX,

Cisco Systems 401k PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

The funds in the Cisco Systems 401k scan were FGRIX, FIGRX, FOCPX, HAINX, IVABX,FUSEX, SSMVX, FPURX, FBNDX, NMIRX and NMIRX is a proxy for a money market index.

Crane 401k (SIP) Plan PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

The Crane 401k, Savings & Invesment Plan scanfunds were, PJFAX, LALVX, ABALX, PSCZX, OTCAX,TEMFX, NMIRX, EHSTX, PSIAX, ACDAX and NMIRX is a proxy for a stable valuefund not specified.

Hewlett Packard 401k PSDS Scan 7/31/2008

This is the 3yr scan for the Hewlett Packard 401k.It held up better than most compared to the 5yr scanbecause 11 funds had negative Sharpe ratios and thuswere automatically given zero dollars. The entireportfolio was invested in