Monthly Archive:: November 2008

TRW Automotive 401k PSDS Scan 10/31/2008

The TRW Automotive 401k has company stock, TRW, as its fourth largest holding and that has significantly reduced Employee portfolio performance. The Balanced portfolio by rule has no money invested in any holding with a negative 5yr

State of Ohio 401k Plan PSDS Scan 10/31/2008

The funds in the scan were; FCNTX, FDGRX, FMAGX, JAVLX, FPPTX, VSCIX, TEMFX, VWILX, VGTSX, VINIX, VHCAX, DODGX, PTRAX, VBMFX, NMIRX where NMIRX is a proxy for a stable value fund.

State of Michigan 401k Plan Scan 10/31/2008

Most of the funds in the 401k plan are SSga funds and several do not have 5yr data and proxies were used for them. The proxies were VTINX for a target retirement income fund, VMMXX for a

Smithfield Foods 401k PSDS Scan 10/31/2008

The funds in the scan were CVGRX, MEIAX, AEPGX, SMVAX, SPY, NMIRX, WFCDX, SFD where SPY is a proxy for WFVEX which does not yet have 5yr data and NMIRX is a proxy for a Smithfield stable

GoodrichRohr 401k (PSSP) Plan 10/31/2008

There were 17 funds and Goodyear stock in the scan; FGRIX, FMAGX, FASIX, FSHBX, FDEQX, FRTXX, FOSFX, FPURX, FCNTX, FDFFX, FBGRX, FEQTX, FUSEX, JAOSX, JAWWX, NBGTX, and GR. Only 3 of the funds and GR had positive

Burlington Northern Santa Fe 401k Scan 10/31/2008

The Burlington Northern Sante Fe employees are most invested in a T.Rowe Price Stable Value Common Trust and have a smaller amount in company stock, BNI, which still has a positive 5yr total return. The scan used

Textron 401k (TSP) PSDS Scan 10/31/2008

The Textron 401k (Textron Savings Plan) was heavily invested in Textron stock, TXT, which up until 2008 had been a good investment. Today it has a negative 5yr return. The funds in the scan were, VINIX, FDIVX,

BorgWarner 401k Plan Scan 10/31/2008

This BorgWarner scan is the first using 10/31/2008 market data. The 10/31/08 market results are so bad that only one fund and BorgWarner stock had a positive 5yr Sharpe ratio. The Balanced Portfolio by rule has money

Agilent 401k Plan PSDS Scan 9/30/2008

The funds in the scan were, AGG, EFA, VIPSX, HRIGX, TEMFX, PTTRX, DIEQX, GCSAX, VGSIX, FMAGX, FCNTX, FLPSX, FUSEX, FFFAX, FFFDX, VITSX, and A where AGG, EAF and VIPSX were proxies for BGI funds with no 5yr

Coca Cola 401K Plan PSDS Scan 9/30/2008

The Coca Cola 401k plan has over 970M in KO stock which does not change the Employee Portfolio APR compared to the Balanced Portfolio but it nearly tripled the STD (risk) and dropped the PSR to less