Monthly Archive:: December 2008

State of Texas 401k (457) Plan Scan 11/30/2008

The funds in the scan were FRTXX, FBIDX, VWENX, NYVTX, VIIIX, VIGIX, MGOYX, LRSYX, FDIVX, WOTDX, WFOBX, WFOOX and an ING stable value fund. The data for the stable value fund for Texas are on a ING

State of Illinois 401k (457) Plan Scan 11/30/2008

The funds in the scan were ACRNX, ARGFX, FPURX, LMVFX, LSVEX, EFA, PRCIX, TRRIX, TRRAX, TRRGX, TRRBX, VBTIX, VMRXX, NOSGX where EFA is a proxy for JIGFX which does not yet have 5yr data. The latest employee

H.B. Fuller 401k (TP) PSDS Scan 11/30/2008 Data

The H.B. Fuller employees have most of their money in company stock (FUL) and a Wells Fagro stable return fund DSVG1 while the Balanced fund has no money in FUL or any fund with a negative 5yr

Toro 401k (PSP) PSDS Scan 11/30/2008 Data

The Toro scan is unusual in that the Wells Fargo Stable Return Fund DSVG1 and company stock TTC dominate the Employee portfolio while the Balanced porfolio puts almost everthing in the stable return fund DSVG1. The 3D

Top30 ETF Portfolio PSDS Scan 11/30/2008

The Top 30 ETFs based on 5yr Sharpe ratio were screened from the 11/30/2008 Thomson market data file with only one “money market” fund included, there are lots of them with high SRs and about the same

Dana 401k (EISIP) Plan PSDS Scan 11/30/2008

The funds in the Dana 401k scan were VFINX, VHCOX, VEXPX, VIPSX, VFITX, VWIGX, VTXVX, VUSTX, VMMXX, VWELX, VASVX, and VWNDX. The amount of money in company stock DAN was virtually zero. The target retirement fund VTXVX

Kroger 401k (RSA) PSDS Scan 10/31/2008

The Kroger 401k (Retirement Savings Account) has money in a master trust as well as collective trusts, mutual funds and company stock KR. The funds in the scan were MDY, SPY, IWN, MBILX, DODFX, AXLVX, EEM, MAFGX,

U.S.Government 401k (TSP) Scan 11/30/2008

The funds in the scan were the same as the earlier scan; Fund G, Fund F, Fund C, Fund S, and Fund I. The Balanced portfolio by rule has money in only funds with positive 5yr Sharpe

ZOLL Medical 401k (ESP) PSDS Scan 10/31/2008

The funds in the ZOLL Medical scan were NBGNX, PCFAX, AMEIX, FDVAX, FDAXX, FDAFX, FMCDX, FABLX, NFJEX, FDIAX, PEOPX, FNIAX, CMUAX, BBHIX, FAFEX, and FAFFX. There were several more Fidelity Advisor target retirement funds with small amounts

Massachusetts Institute of Technoloy 401k Scan

The MIT 401k is managed by Fidelity and several of the funds are seperately managed and have only Fidelity Code numbers, no exchange symbols. The funds in the scan were FTRXX, FEQTX, FFIDX, FBGRX, FSEMX, FDIVX, FC01687,