Monthly Archive:: February 2009

SAIC 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

The scan does not include company stock fund which had over $1.7B at the end of 2007 and the stock has done well. In the few years it has been a public company it has an APR

Abbott Laboratories 401k (SRP) Plan Scan 12/31/2008

A few new funds have been added to the plan since the June 2008 scan. The company stock ABT and a proxy for the SRP stable value fund were also added to the scan. The US Government

COSTCO 401k (RP) Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

This COSTCO 401k scan includes the company stock, COST, which is one of the only two funds in the Balanced portfolio. The other is a T. Rowe Price stable value fund represented by a proxy, Fund G

Bank of America 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

My first scan only included funds with large employee holdings and it had a 5yr negative return on top of a huge loss in company stock (BAC). I did not post it. After looking at all the

Pfizer 401k (SP) Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

This plan had over $1.3B in company stock (PFE) according to the 12/31/2007 SEC11-K data which resulted in a negative 5yr APR of -2.41% for the employee portfolio. The scan used SPY and IWM as proxies for

US Government 401k (TSP) PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

The Balanced portfolio is invested in Fund G (75.62%) and Fund F (24.38%) which are the federal stable value fund and the federal bond income fund. The other three funds have negative 5yr Sharpe ratios. It would

Oracle 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

The Oracle 401k has done well thanks in part to company stock which has a 5yr APR of 6.02%. The employee portfolio from the 11-k has more money in FCNTX than ORCL which reduced their 5yr performance.

Intel 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

The collapse of markets worldwide in 2008 is seen in this scan. Intel has over 50 funds in its plan and the top 40 in terms of employee investments plus Intel stock were in the scan. I

Medtronic 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

The Medtronic 401k data are from the 4/30/2008 SEC 11-K filing. The largest employee investment is in company stock, MDT, at 1.17B dollars. The stock has a negative 5yr return of minus 7.5% and only one fund

Parker Hannifin 401k PSDS Scan 12/31/2008

The empolyee asset allocation was taken from the 12/31/2007 SEC 11-K which only shows the investments that exceed 5% of the Master Trust. Company stock, PH, was the third largest holding. The Balanced portfolio only has money