Monthly Archive:: March 2011

Whole Foods Market 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

This plan was not helped by company stock WFMI which has a negative 5yr APR = -5.67% with high volatility. The Balanced portfoilio invested money in every plan option but company stock. The employee portolio has 9.9%

Thermo Fisher Scientific US 401k (RP) PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

Over the last 3 years this plan 5yr Balanced portfolio perfomance has improved significantly each year and the 3D scan now has a healthy look. Company stock TMO also has improved each year and is 6.6% of

Agrium U.S. 401k (SP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

Agrium is a Canadian company with U.S. employees that have a 401k plan. The plan trustee is SEI and all the plan options other than company stock AGU are SEI funds. The 3D scan shows that the

Mosaic 401k (IP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

The Mosaic plan has a few more options than in last years scan and all but one option are in the Balanced portfolio. Last year that portfolio had 57.7% of the plan in the stable value fund

20 World ETF Portfolio PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

There have been few changes since the 6-31-2010 scan with the Balanced portfolio down slightly but still with a double digit at APR = 13.86% with a Sharpe ratio of 1.40. The top 3 holdings are EWM

Becton Dickinson 401k (SIP) PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

The Balanced portfolio for the plan is still being helped by company stock BDX but not quite as much as last year. The 3 largest holdings are investment contracts SHY (49.2%) in the scan, company stock BDX

Perrigo 401k (PSIP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

Perrigo company stock PRGO continues to help the Balanced portfolio probably more than is prudent. That portfolio has 14.1% of the portfolio in company stock while the employee portfolio only has 9.4% invested in the stock. That

Zep Inc. 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

Company stock ZEP does not yet have 5yr Market data and is not in the scan. The Balanced portfolio has continued to improve perfomance year-over-year and this year all but one of the investment options in the

Alliant Techsystems 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

Alliant Techsystems stock ATK did not have a good 2010 and is not in the Balanced portfolio this year. The market was up in 2010 and all but 3 of the investment options are in the Balanced

Lockheed Martin 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2010

Company stock LMT did not do well in 2010 and while still in the Balanced portfolio only 1.7% of the plan is invested in the stock this year. The rest of the investement options did well and