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General Dynamics 401k (SSIP.5) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

General Dynamics stock GD did not have a good year in 2011 and it is not in the Balance portfolio but it is the largest holding in the employee portfolio.The Balanced portfolio remains a lifeboat portfolio with

PolyOne 401k (RSP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

The PolyOne 401k has a Balanced portfolio with an APR of 6.41% and a Sharpe ratio of 1.24 thanks to a strong collection of income funds. Company stock POL is in the Balanced portfolio but at less than

Nicor (Birdsall) 401k (RSP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

Nicor and AGL Resources merged in late 2011 with the NYSE ticker symbol changed to GAS the old Nicor stock symbol. Nicor owned several companies prior to the merger and Birdsall Inc. was one of them. This

Intel 401k (SP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

The Intel 401k Plan has about 50 investment options and 48 are in the scan this year. That is too many for the average employee to evaluate even just once a year. The Intel Plan as you

Stanley Black & Decker 401k (VP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

Stanley Black & Decker’s 401k Balanced portfolio’s 5yr APR was not helped as much this year as last by company stock SWK. In 2011 SWK’s total return was only 3.54% according to Morningstar and the Balanced portfolio’s APR

2011 Top 401k Plans Balanced Portfolios

Compass Minerals International repeated this year as top 401k Plan led by company stock CMP producing a Balanced portfolio with a 5yr APR of 15.3% and an amazing 5yr Sharpe ratio of 3.26. Intel also repeats as a top

ONEOK, Inc. 401k (TP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

The ONEOK 401k Plan Balanced portfolio invested 8.95% of that portfolio in company stock OKE. This is a US natural gas company operating in the Midwest mostly. The employee portfolio invested 42.8% of Plan in the stock,

Boeing 401k (VIP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

Boeing’s 401k Plan Balanced portfolio was not helped by company stock this year because it has a negative 5 year Sharpe ratio. The stock BA was up 15% in 2011 but it was up 28% in 2007

Church & Dwight 401k (SPSP) Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2011

Church & Dwight had another good year in 2011 and their 401k Plan Balanced portfolio now has a 5yr APR of 8.0% with a Sharpe ratio of 2.22. Extraordinary. The employee portfolio’s largest holding at over 40%

My Stanton & Castleton IRA 12-31-2011 PSDS Scan

This is the first scan posted using 12-31-2011 5yr Market Data from Thomson-Reuters. It is for my year-end changes to last years portfolio. The two stocks last year MCD and CHD helped performance and reduced risk so