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Union Pacific 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

This scan from the SEC 11-k report includes only investments that are 5% or more of Plan assets and 2 Target Date funds VTINX and VTWNX.

Crane Co. 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

US Government 401k TSP Portfolio 12-31-2014

This post is using a new browser and it may take me a while to used to it.

Stanton & Castleton IRA Portfolio Scan 12-31-2014

The 2014 Data have arrived.

An All ETF Target Date Portfolio PSDS Scan 12-31-2013

While waiting for 12-31-2014 data files I am working on my “ToDo” list.  In October of last year Blackrock discontinued their Target Date ETF funds and I had to switch to an alternate source. In this scan

A CaLPERS Hewitt 401k/457 Portfolio Scan 12-31-2013

Hewitt Financial Services (HFS) is one of many listed CaLPERS OPBE actuaries. They list over 6000 mutual funds that have No Transaction Fee on their website. In the Spirit of the “TSP” collection of public retirement portfolios posted on

Wisconsin Energy 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2013

It will be a week or two before the 12-31-2014 market data files needed for PSDS scans are available. This 401k scan for Wisconsin Energy uses 12-31-2013 market data. In the scan the “Blended Rate Income Fund”

2014 Top 5 401k Plans

The last 5 years have been well above average and many 401k Plans out performed my in-retirement IRA portfolio and the US 401k TSP portfolio.  These results are based on 12-31-2013 5yr Market data which were very good for