Monthly Archive:: May 2015

Kimberly-Clarke, Corp. 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

CTS Corp. 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

The CTS Corp. was founded in 1896.

An NDART Vanguard 401k Portfolio Scan 12-31-2014

This NDART 401k Vanguard Portfolio is a PSDS simulation based design for the NADART organization fund options posted on their web site. Balanced Fund – VBINX Bond Fund – VBMFX Stable Value Fund – VRST Vanguard Retirement

ConocoPhillips 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

This is a good 401k Plan but has way too many options in my opinion.

Popular 401k Plan Options Portfolio PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

Kiplinger published recently BrightScopes rankings of the most popular funds based on 401k Plan assets under management. This scan is for the top 7 funds with AEPGX replaced by SGENX which I have owned for many years.

Regal Beloit Corp. 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

This year only the 5% or more of 401k Plan portfolio is in the scan.

Computer Sciences Corp. 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

The CSC scan again this year is for the 5% or greater portfolio and in the scan the Mellon Bank Daily Market Completion fund is DWCPT.

Cytec Industries 401k Plan PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

Roth 2015 Portfolio PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

This scan led to a redesign and a Roth 2015B that traded a little PDR for other performance improvements that look good to me.

A Retirement Portfolio by Design PSDS Scan 12-31-2014

This portfolio is part of a study I am working on for the simulation based design of retirement portfolios that are both well diversified and prudent. It is a work in progress.