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A Dow Jones 30 Stock Portfolio PSDS Scan 7-31-2015

A Dow Jones Stock Portfolio PSDS Scan

This is a work in progress … more later

Wells Fargo 401k Plan PSDS Scan 7-31-2015

This 401k Plan Portfolio is better diversified than most with a PDR = 1.21

An RJF IRA Portfolio PSDS Scan 7-15-2015

This Portfolio is several years old.

Valeant Pharmaceuticals 401k Plan PSDS Scan 7-31-2015

This is the largest 5yr Company Stock  APR% I have seen. It was down sharply in 2016 which is not covered in this design scan that used 7-31-2015 market data.If VRX is removed from the portfolio the

Aggressive Portfolio Design PSDS Scan 7-31-2015

This is NOT a 401k Plan Portfolio. It is a ladder design portfolio with a very aggressive stock. 

A Ladder Portfolio PSDS Design 7-31-2015